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Long term

Due to the special situations in hotels defined by the government’s Corona measures, we have discontinued our hotel room rental with breakfast offer.

We do not longer run the Vintage Hotel Hoferer as a Garni hotel, but focus exclusively on long-term customers and tenants. We look forward to hosting you with us.

From May 2020, we will only rent long-term furnished rooms with cooking facilities or with a floor kitchen.

Cosy apartments with kitchen corner/pantry kitchen are at your disposal until the completion of the kitchen with washing machine.

Some comments on the word "room"

A room is a room surrounded by walls, floors and ceilings. The room is part of an apartment or a building. This building is used for residential purposes for people. The living area of a room usually has a floor area of more than 10 m2. One room usually has windows (except for bathrooms, which are often windowless).

At Vintage Hotel Hoferer there are bathrooms with or without windows.

The function of a room extends to a wide variety of people’s living rights. A list of the usability of a room can be dispensed with at this point.

As a rule, rooms are not referred to as rooms, which are expressly not used for residential purposes. These are stairwells, lift shafts and corridors. It is understandable that storage rooms and function rooms (e.g. boiler room and washroom) are not used for residential purposes.

A room can be entered through a hallway through a door. Above-ground rooms have windows for exposure and ventilation.

Each guest room at Vintage Hotel Hoferer has balcony access. The surrounding balcony on the first floor leads to a large sun terrace.