Excursions and attractions

With us there are numerous excursions for a varied stay

Excursion: Alternative Wolf and Bear Park Black Forest

in Bad Rippoldsau - Schapbach. The park is about 16 km from the hotel and can be reached in a short time by car.

Excursion: Vogts farms

Here in Gutach, the cultural history of the entire rural Black Forest awakens. Impressive Black Forest farms provide insights into the hard rural life of the last 300 years. The farmhouses were originally rebuilt and restored. They are unique in the Black Forest and really worth seeing.

Sights: Strasbourg

Experience the medieval old town with the impressive cathedral. Visit the Petite France district on the banks of the Ill. Don't miss a boat trip on the Ill. Strasbourg captivates every visitor.

Baden-Baden Kurhaus

Sights: Baden-Baden

Discover the Kurhaus with the most beautiful casino in the world in the middle of beautiful parks. Guests can relax in the hot springs of the Caracalla thermal baths or attend an event in the evening at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden.

Excursion: Mummelsee and Nature Conservation Centre Ruhestein

The charming connection between Baden-Baden and Freudenstadt is one of the most beautiful panoramic roads in Germany. You will be amazed by the magnificent views. Enjoy the diversity of nature with the romantic fir forests! The heart of the Black Forest High Road is the fabled Mummelsee. But also a visit to the nature conservation center Ruhestein is worth a visit.

Excursion: Barefoot Park

Feel with your senses and feet the special charm of wood, stones, bark mulch, grass, clay and water. Feel cold, warm, humid, dry and pleasant. In addition, in the barefoot park you have the opportunity to do something for your health and to strengthen your vitality according to Kneipp's principles.

More destinations for your excursions and sights

  • Freudenstadt (Germany’s largest marketplace and panoramic swimming pool)
  • Waterfall in All Saints’ Day
  • Freiburg (Black Forest Capital, Münster and Old Town)
  • Furtwangen (German Clock Museum)
  • Titisee and Feldberg (attractions of the Black Forest)
  • Wolfach (glassblowing, mineral and mining museum)
  • Alsace (Hochkönigsburg and Odilienberg)
  • Taubergießen (boat trips in the idyllic Altrhein)
  • Steinwasen Wildlife and Amusement Park
  • Europa-Park in Rust
  • And if you still lack an attraction, here are more tips

More tips

Finally, we would like to point out the purchase of the SchwarzwaldCard:

The SchwarzwaldCard offers a huge range of offers at a reasonable package, ideal for all families and for sports and culture enthusiasts. With the SchwarzwaldCard, admission is free at over 130 attractions! You can find out more here.

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