Here are a few impressions of the Zimemr with videos from Haus Hoferer

Most residents of Haus Hoferer know and appreciate the personal conversations and time with the landlord. In-room amenities include coffee maker and kettle, DVD player, and refrigerator.

The tenants appreciate that they can withdraw and also have personal contact with the landlord.

The luxury that the tenants find in the furnished room, that there is a bathrobe ready and the bed is completely made.

What is also rather atypical for the landlord is that he receives something with a further mediation.

In the furnished room it can also be seen immediately that the landlord has thought about the well-being and moving back.

On request or request there is a refrigerator in the room and the free provision of an Apple TV’s or Amazon Prime Stick are of course individually requested.

No matter if tenants are smokers or non-smokers, you can meet in the evening with the other tenants and or the landlord for a glass of wine or bottle of beer. The fact that Hoferer has a washing machine, dryer and a fully equipped communal kitchen is also very atypical. The free Wi-Fi throughout the house, is just nice.

To give the future tenants a better impression, there are a few videos to see here.

At Haus Hoferer, care is taken bit by bit to ensure that the tenants feel comfortable and “feel at home”

In certain rooms, the sound of the Black Forest firs is in the light evening wind, the chirping of the birds slowly falls silent. Silence spreads over the valley of the Wild Rench, but the stream continues to rush down the valley.

We listen to the nocturnal sounds such as the curling of a night bird, the barking of a dog down in the valley or the cracking of branches when a deer is still roaming the forest.

The headlights of a car on the way from Bad Griesbach up to Kniebis flash briefly through the dense fir forest. But the road is so far away that the fir trees swallow the sound.

Lively conversations between the residents of the Hoferer guesthouse arise when we toast each other with a glass of wine (or more). If we ask our landlord, he also donates something high percentage. Close to the fire, cosy warmth spreads and we are happy that we can end this evening so beautifully.

Sit comfortably with us around the campfire and book an apartment at Haus Hoferer!

The little history of Haus Hoferer

In the furnished rooms, care is now taken to ensure that the beds are made and a colored decorative pillow can be found.

All rooms have a balcony, here the tenants are of course allowed to smoke. Unfortunately, not all balconies are covered. However, care has been taken to ensure that certain amenities, such as a coffee maker and a kettle, on request also a microwave and mini oven can be found in the room.

As described above, an Apple TV Box and or an Amazon Prime Stick can be given free of charge on request or request, but on request. Here you log in with your data / account accordingly. Further amenities, such as a box of beer, a few bottles of wine or sparkling wine are possible on request with a further mediation of the remaining rooms.